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Luisa Ji

Cofounder & Product MAnager

A background in Architecture and Urbanism Studies. She brings expertise in building information modelling, user experience research and design, and community outreach from heritage building archival. She has experience working on large scale technology projects for the government of Canada.



Software Developer

Full-stack developer passionate about civic tech solutions. She is has experience working with IBM Watson APIs and their implementation to natural language processing.


Melanie Jean Li

Graphic Designer 

Graduate of Architecture with a passion for design, research, and visualization. She aims to contribute to the community-strengthening effort by helping create strategies to bridge the gap between infrastructural projects or developments and their impact on the public, from an urban perspective.    

Lee-Michael J. Pronko

Cofounder & Business Development Lead

A background in Philosophy and Political Science. He brings expertise in business analysis and has experience working on large scale technology projects for the government of Canada.




A linguist and web developer. Passionate about applied linguistics and machine learning, she aims to develop web applications that are driven by human experience.


Eloisa Guerrero

Software Developer 

 A web developer interested in the ways that technology can be used to solve community challenges and improve the well-being of cities and the people who live in them.

Tom Goldsmith

Software Architect

A software architect that designs and engineers simple and effective solutions to handle user growth. He continues to push the limits of what scalable technology is capable of.


Amy Zhou


Graduate in Rhetoric, Economics and Business. She is passionate about social media, marketing, and community-building both online and on the ground.


Matus Dubrava

Software Developer 



Experts from industry to academia

Tanya Snook
Service Design

 A certified Business Analyst, designs enterprise web solutions for government

Jeff Campbell
Business Development

A mentor at Innovation Guelph. As a serial CEO he has lead startups through commercialization, funding, growth and acquisition

Chris Stoney
Public  Policy & Citizen Engagement

Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration, the Director of the Centre for Urban Research and Education (CURE)


Lou Fournier
Technical Development

Over 30 years experience in large scale technology solution projects both in the private and public industry


Partners & Supporters