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Make decisions that are supported by data and informed by civic intelligence

The Milieu Opinion Extraction Engine is a data processing pipeline that leverages Natural Language Understanding to rapidly analyze collected public feedback. 

Types of analysis: 

  • Unstructured text

  • Sentiment analysis 

  • Keyword extraction

Reports from Citizen Engagement and Urban Planning Projects


Armstrong Street : Rezoning Study

Milieu supported City of Ottawa Councillor Jeff Leiper to supplement a community design plan and rezoning of Armstrong Street in Kitchissppi Ward, Ottawa.

The data collected and the report supports the transformation of Armstrong Street based on neighbourhood needs, and serves as a model for future development and good intensification.

Value added: 

  • Support council decision to amend zoning 
  • Record for future infrastructure development priorities with respect to resident’s preferences 
  • Proactive communication with local residents on future policy change and infrastructure development to minimize conflict and risks

As seen in the CBC article



Wakefield Spring : Data for Architectural Redesign 

The Milieu Civic Engagement Platform was deployed to collect citizen feedback to reimagine the Spring, upgrade the infrastructure and address community concerns. 

Value added: 

Support the reimagining of the Spring, upgrade the infrastructure and address community concerns. 


190 Richmond : Data for Site Plan Application

Milieu was contracted by City of Ottawa Councillor Jeff Leiper to enhance the public consultation process and extend the reach to a broader demographic of residents

Value added: 

Support the City Councillor in making a decision regarding the development application