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Data Collection


We help you collect public feedback to inform urban planning projects

Data Visualization

We leverage artificial intelligence to analyze civic data and gain actionable insights

Decision support

We empower you to make confident decisions by identifying issues in real-time and reduce risk

Make use of scalable and rapidly deployable tools to support citizen engagement and data analysis



Civic Engagement Platform

Use Milieu's platform to visualize urban planning projects, engage citizens, and get insights in real time 

Lightweight Engagement Widget

Customize Milieu's widget to your individual needs and deploy it on any website to engage your citizens

Successful Milieu City Builders

"Through our Civic Accelerator program, Milieu has opened up exciting new pathways for our residents to share their opinions on what’s being built in their city. Not only does Milieu improve the citizen experience, it will also make it easier for city planners to do their jobs. We’re happy to be partnered with this innovative company that’s pushing the boundaries on engagement."

- Andy Best, City of Guelph Service Design and Innovation Advisor


"My initial hopes have been realized. I believe we've reached residents that a simple City comment form wouldn't normally, and Milieu's unique methodology has given us greater insight than we normally have into how people feel about the proposal."

- City of Ottawa Councillor Jeff Leiper